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The search for German passports nowadays for sale is quite a hassle as many people are constantly looking for ways to buy German passports online. This may be because of the urgency of getting a new nationality or trying to change your entire identity and start a new life. Here at biometric docs, We are specializes in giving people second chances by providing them with new identities and helping them start a brand new life regardless of their past. Contact us now and get yourself a new Identity that is registered in the most secure databases in the world.

Buy German passports online

Purchase registered Germany passports without running around with authorities

It’s no secret that Germany is among the most desirable places to live. In addition to living and working in the EU, you are also able to travel visa-free to 191 countries if you are a resident there. Germany does not issue permanent residence permits for investors, unlike other EU jurisdictions. The only way to become a legal German resident is to marry a German, to naturalize, or to remain in the country for eight years. There is also the option of buying a real German passport.

German passports of all kinds, including diplomatic ones, can be created by us with an eye for detail. Since our German passports online are registered in databases, they survive any testing and generate robust demand. With Biometric Document Providers, you can renew an existing product or create a new product from scratch.

Cheap German passport registration and renewal

Many expats-to-be choose to buy documents online since obtaining permanent residency in Germany is a complex and long process. At the moment, there are a lot of ads on the web offering German passports for sale. The majority of them are scams, as you might expect. 

In order to assure you that our service is not a scam, we have earned the trust of thousands of happy migrants. It is our pleasure to assist you throughout the whole process, from submitting an online request to receiving your documents. Please visit our Testimonials section to read comments of gratitude we’ve received from those who have already entrusted us with their cheap German passports.

A real document provider differs from a scammer in the following ways:

  • Authorized equipment

  • Compliance with the latest German passport design updates

  • Registration service

  • Reduced cost of renewal

  • Quick processing

You only need to keep us informed of a few inputs to enjoy the benefits of local life in Germany. You will also need to send us a high-resolution picture of yourself since German ID cards contain your fingerprints. The payment process will be guided by our specialists in accordance with all the latest security protocols. 

There are a number of factors that determine the cost of German passports and other documents. We can provide you with the current price if you contact us.

German Passport For Sale

If you are here, then you are looking to buy a German passport online. It may have been a little difficult but you are finally on the right path. Biometric docs are your last bus stop and we will stop at nothing to get you a world recognized registered German passport to ease your movements.

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Our business has been in operation since 2009 and has never stopped evolving. In order to ensure a seamless registration process for your passport, we work closely with our trusted partners from German legislative agencies

We conduct a series of checks to ensure your German passport for sale passes them all before it is shipped. It is impossible for a bank employee or police officer to recognize a knockoff.

Taking care of all the paperwork, costs, and hassle of moving to Germany will be our job!

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