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Buy Travel Visa Online in 2023 from the best and highly reputable travel documents provider. We have help relocated so many migrants from war zone to a safe region that you and your family can start a good life. We help you get an authentic Biometric Visa within 72 hrs of payment. We have help 1000s of migrants within Europe, Africa and Middle east to have a good life in a good country. Contact Us for your Visas.

Buy Travel Visa Online


Biometric Docs have a vide range of services we offer to our client that is from fake or novelty documents to authentic and real documents that can by pass any imigration, police or biometric checkups. As we only work with professionals having years of experience with most of our partners still in active services, we can guarantee you an Authentic Visa, That will take you to any destination of your choice.


Our company provides authentic visas. The visas we process are genuine, real, and in accordance with the client’s requirements. You may have to wait days or even months to get a real visa the conventional way. By ordering your genuine and registered visa from us, you will be able to receive it in a fast and hassle-free manner without having to visit the embassy itself. Therefore, we can help you obtain your visa without having to deal with the embassy.t have to worry about the embassy.

The team of professional visa agents works on your behalf and fulfills all the requirements necessary for the approval of your visa. In this way, we are able to complete the visa process without the need for you to visit any embassy or go through any interviews.  Everything will be provided at your place, so you will not have to worry about anything. 

Among the types of visas we process most frequently are Australian visas, Schengen visas of all the Schengen zones, USA visas for all nationalities, Canadian visas and visas for all the EU countries and Eastern Europe, as well as visas for other nationalities. It is our responsibility to provide you with all the solutions you may require for all types of visas and immigration requirements you may have, including study visas, tourist visas, work visas, health visas, business visas and visit visas.

Who We Are?

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As a part of our Travel Services Visa department, we are fortunate to have a team of experienced and skilled professionals who can assist you with any visa-related queries that you may have ensuring that your travel experience will be truly enriching.

From proper documentation to hassle-free processing of your passport/visa to any country and many other essential services, we guarantee that everything runs smoothly with the help of our dedicated team. Small and large groups can also rely on us for group visas. When it comes to delivering a pleasing and timely visa service, we have gained a reputation as one of the industry’s leading companies.

Whether it’s a small detail or a large one, rest assured that we pay careful attention to every aspect. For many types of visas and categories, we provide a variety of services. With thousands of successful immigration applications behind us, we’ve helped thousands of clients achieve their immigration goals.

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As a premium travel agency that offers international and domestic travel services in a methodical uniform, we are dedicated to serving the upper end of the market.

As one of the world’s safest countries, we use tourism to achieve the right balance between economic development, green growth, and conservation of the Hashemite Kingdom’s vast wealth, heritage, history, archeology, and religious sites. The primary goal of our company is to exceed our guests’ expectations. 

We are committed to becoming the number one travel agency in Jordan. We provide a wide range of travel services to our local tourism and hospitalityindustries. In addition, we supportg our local communities.

Our mission is to provide a unique and memorable travel experience to all our guests. Our primary objective is to ensure that our guests have an unforgettable experience away from home. We are service oriented and we take pride in providing the best possible service to our guests.

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Getting a hotel reservation is the most critical aspect of planning a vacation. Our team can assist you in finding the best accommodation that meets your needs. The Hotel Booking Services that we provide to our clients are impeccable due to our location in Jordan. In addition to providing 5-star hotels and 3-star hotels, we specialize in operating guest houses, luxury resorts, and motels as well. 

Upon understanding the client’s requirements, we book hotels on their behalf based on those requirements. In order to ensure that the clients have a comfortable stay with us, we make sure to provide them with all the facilities they need. Our goal is to provide the best and most transparent deals to our clients so that they will be fully satisfied with their purchases. 

Considering that we are one of the most trusted travel agencies in Jordan for booking hotels, we assure you that you will receive the best service when you book your hotel through our system.gest agents in Jordan for hotel bookings.

Meet and Assist

This is the kind of meet-and greet service that will make your airport experience as pleasant as possible-not only for you, but for your clients and loved ones as well. Our services at the airport range from providing you with fast-track arrivals and departures to transferring baggage and helping with family travel. 

Meet and assist team members are available to help you with your journey at any Jordanian border crossing point. As soon as you arrive or depart from our hotel, our concierge team will be there to assist you with all your needs. 

This includes meeting you at the immigration point, to quickly assist you with your immigration needs, such as obtaining entry visas or fast tracking you through the immigration process. The concierge team at the Ritz Carlton is ready to make your stay a memorable one, from the very beginning to the very end.

Ticket services

It is our mission to provide a convenient, fast, efficient, and hassle-free ticketing service for all major airlines around the world with our unmatched experience and expertise. Shouldyou have any questions regarding any airlines, the flight ticket rates, flight schedule, or any other questions that you may have, please do not hesitate to contact us & we will be more than happy to assist you, with friendly 24/7 customer service if you require it.