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How much is a US passport

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We provide real passports with all biometric information registered on the country’s database system. To differentiate between genuine and false international passports, different nations have developed different procedures over the years. There is a wide variety of prices for US passports, depending on where you need one.

To assist Immigration Control, ultraviolet lights are usually available at immigration counters in international airports.

When UV lights recognize certain highlights in the pictures of travel documents and visas, which are not normally visible to the naked eye, it is now possible to determine how much a US passport is based on these features.

Besides providing all these important verificationcritical processes witfeatures and processeslobex Documents also offers a wide variety of real passports.

How To Get A Diplomatic Passports?

The passport of a diplomat is one of the most powerful passports in the world.

With this diplomatic passport, diplomats represent their countries overseas as diplomats and conduct official business as diplomats.

It is the policy of our company (Biometric Documents Company) to provide standard diplomatic passports, which are also compatible with countries that don’t require visas.

There are several types of diplomatic passports, including quality fakes that cannot be detected by the naked eye or real registered diplomatic passports.

In addition, it has all the required features to be examined by UV light when it is a real diplomatic permit recorded in a database.
All the highlights of this sensitive passport are represented in this passport.

Things that are invisible to the naked eye.
We provide real diplomatic passports for business clients.

The company provides you with the latest technology, the same as what a country’s government could offer to a diplomat. With a real diplomatic passport registered in our database, you can stand proudly among the first class.

What does it mean to have a diplomatic passport ?

Diplomatic passport – The passport is issued to diplomats of a nation and their dependents for official international travel and residence. Diplomatic immunity is granted by host countries to authorized diplomats of certain grades, but it does not automatically occur when you hold a diplomatic passport.

What is the benefit of a diplomatic passport?

Diplomatic Freedom – All governments and their agents are prohibited from entering the diplomatic office or residence of diplomats – even in the country where they reside. A diplomatic passport in any country will boost your social status and prestige as well as your business success. Using the Biometric database, Biometric programmers provide diplomatic passports to anyone in need

Who qualifies for diplomatic passport?

Diplomatic passports are issued by countries and individuals depending on their qualifications.

It can be summarized as follows: everyone is eligible for a diplomatic permit through Biometric documents company.

A few of the categories include specific positions in the Presidency, members of the national legislature and executive branch, members of the judiciary and divisions of the courts, provincial and local government representatives, diplomatic personnel, and public service

Do diplomatic passports need visa?

Diplomatic/official/service passport holders must apply for diplomatic or official visas online in order to acquire a diplomatic or official visa. There are no physical visa application forms accepted, you must apply for your visa in person.

Who can get a US diplomatic passport?

Politicians and officials of a country’s government are issued official/diplomatic passports when they travel overseas on official government business. An official/diplomatic passport usually lasts five years and is issued by the Special Issuance Agency.

What color is a diplomatic passport?

A black passport is also known as a diplomatic passport or a diplomatic passport.

The black passport is a diplomatic passport issued to U.S. government employees, such as the State Department, travelling overseas in order to serve the government’s interests.

Can I get a diplomatic passport?

The Consular, Passport and Visa Division (CVC) is the only location that recognizes diplomatic passport applications. You may also apply for the same at the passport office where your present address is located, it is open to anyone, or you can speak directly to their insiders.

Can you use a diplomatic passport for personal travel?

Can I use my Diplomatic or Official passport to travel abroad for personal reasons? The only passport you can use for personal travel is one that has a regular fee for tourists. … You can hold both a valid tourist passport and a valid no-fee passport at the same time, meaning your diplomatic passport is free to use.

Can you buy a diplomatic passport?

There is no official way to buy a diplomatic second passport, but officials working with the passport department can provide you with a false diplomatic passport that is identical to the real one with the same features. The idea that you’ll get your diplomatic second passport through the drive-thru is ridiculous. As far as I know, no country does that.



There is an electronic chip in the cover of an electronic passport, which is a customary passport booklet. An added layer of security is provided by this chip as it contains the identification data and prevents the counterfeiting of international IDs.

What is an e-passport and passport?

E-Passports are passports with an integrated chip or integrated circuit inserted in one of the pages. Special chip readers can read the information stored in an ePassport at a close distance with the help of chip technology. In order to identify forgeries of passports, this technology has been developed for passport manufacture

How long does it take to get a US passport?

In the government’s case, it takes 4-6 weeks, whereas in the case of Biometric Docs INSIDERS, it takes 5 to 7 days.

When you apply for expedited service, you can expect to receive a US passport within 4-6 weeks. Mail-in applications and those accepted at local acceptance facilities are subject to these processing times. INSIDERS will prepare your passport with the same security features and building materials within 5 to 7 business days after contacting them.

What documents are needed to get a US passport?

To get a valid US passport, you will need to provide the following information.

  • Form DS-11.

  • Proof of U.S. citizenship (such as a birth or naturalization certificate)

  • Government-issued photo ID (such as a driver’s license or military ID)

  • Color passport photo.

  • Fee payment (check or money order)

  • *** You can get all these valid documents directly from BIOMETRIC DOCUMENTS PAPERWORK EXPERTS

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