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How to check if an IELTS Certificate Is Genuine – A guide to verifying British Council IELTS certificates, a guide to verifying IDP IELTS certificates, and a guide to buying original IELTS certificates.
If you obtain an IELTS certificate online, it’s very important to verify that the certificate can be verified online, as well as whether it is genuine. The importance of verification is emphasized in this article, and we encourage you to read it through for further clarification.


Nowadays, many people prefer purchasing an IELTS certificate online instead of taking the traditional examination. The authenticity of the certificate you bought should obviously be of concern to you. By looking at an IELTS certificate, you cannot determine or verify whether it is genuine or not. It is possible to buy this certificate from a lot of scam agencies, but what you receive after paying your money ends up not being genuine. Do you know if IELTS certificates can be purchased without an examination? The answer is yes, but you need to be careful.

All IELTS candidates are encouraged to pay attention to the verification process rather than just the paper they obtain, and we too offer these services. You should be aware that submitting a fake certificate to an organization or institution with the intention of using it legally can bring you problems you cannot solve with money. Depending on the situation, you may be prohibited from applying for any service you wanted to utilize.

It is possible to verify the authenticity of these certificates using great tools that have been put in place by the British Council and IDP. To verify whether the certificate people possess online is active or not, they designed these sophisticated tools. Understand that you won’t be able to see your results online until they are officially announced. It usually takes 3-5 days for the official results of a computer-based test to be available online after the test date. It takes a minimum of 13 days to complete a paper-based test. 

The IDP or British Council official website is usually the best source for knowing if your certificate is authentic.

It is easiest to verify your scores or certificates online by logging into your British Council or IDP account. A fake certificate can’t be found on those websites if your scores cannot be found.

1) How to verify a British Council IELTS Certificate:

The link below is the best method for verifying an IELTS certificate from the British Council. A candidate portal run by the British Council. In order to retrieve your results online, you will need to login.

The following steps should be followed:

  1. Go to

  2. Input your email address and password

  3. Login

  4. Go under your test and results section

  5. You will then be able to see your scores as seen on the image below.

A candidate registration we did under the British Council can be seen in the image below. In order to verify the authenticity of the certificate you obtained, this is how you will see your scores.

Ielts Score

Click the Whatsapp button below, use the number on the screenshot, or simply click here to register to receive a registered, verifiable or genuine IELTS certificate. If you wish to have your heart’s desire granted, we will take care of your case.

1.1) How to Verify a British Council IELTS Certificate Alternative

We are about to discuss the first ever tool that was created by the British Council for verification. During this verification method, you enter your personal information so that the system can query and display your results. The results of this method are only accessible on this website for 90 days after the paper-based test was taken. Thus, once 90 days have passed, you won’t be able to view or track the results.

Steps to follow:

  1. Go the official website of the british council

  2. Firstly you input your Test Date. The system will automatically detect the dates that the results are currently active.

  3. Secondly your Date of Birth

  4. Thirdly Your Identification Document number

  5. Lastly your Candidate Number

Once done, click on find. Your result will display as seen on the image below:

NB: Unfortunately this tool is no more available in 2023

Ielts Verification

2) How to Verify an IDP IELTS Certificate

This verification tool allows you to verify an IDP IELTS certificate. By submitting your personal information, you will be able to use this tool. Once a successful fetch request is made, the system is capable of querying the database and displaying the results.

Steps to follow:

  1. Go to

  2. Firstly input your Given Name

  3. Secondly your Passport number or ID number

  4. Thirdly your Family name

  5. Fourthly your Date of Birth

  6. Lastly Click on the reCaptcha to fill the puzzle to insure you are not a robot

  7. Click on get results

An output will be generated automatically by the system. Your result may not be displayed if your inputted information is incorrect, the certificate data is not registered in the system, or the test results are not yet available.

In the image below, you can see the result of one of our candidates’ registrations under IDP. In order to verify if the certificate you acquired is genuine, you will see your scores exactly as described above.

Click the Whatsapp button below, use the number on the screenshot, or simply click here to register to receive a registered, verifiable or genuine IELTS certificate. If you wish to have your heart’s desire granted, we will take care of your case.

3) IELTS Verification Using The TRF Number

In most cases, the TRF verification system using the TRF number is used by immigration authorities, universities, and top organisations. It is the only system that requires approval and access from the IELTS assessment board. The general public is not allowed access to this verification system. In order to verify the authenticity of an IELTS certificate, only the top officials are authorized to do so.

The process of requesting personal information from clients in order to track their entries will be a lot of work for officials. In order to use only the TRF number to retrieve all the candidate’s information from the system, the IELTS assessment board built a centralized tool and connected it to the IELTS universal database. You can easily verify an IELTS certificate using just a TRF number, which is the fastest and most detailed way to do so. Approximately how long does it take to get the IELTS certificate and results?

How To Buy Original IELTS Certificate

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Fake IELTS certificates are not encouraged by us. IELTS certificates that are not verified online, or are not registered in the system, should never be bought or used. If  you just discovered that the certificate you obtained isn’t genuine, cry not we are here to offer you the best of what we have to offer. Find out how to check if your passport is original here.

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