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Buy Novelty and Authentic Canadian Passport Online in 2023

Are looking to buy the latest version of the Canadian Passport Online? Are you interested to buy a real Canadian passport for travel purposes or a fake Canadian passport to bypass certain security restrictions? Authentic Biometric Documents are here to help you Buy the best quality Fake or Real Canadian Passport Online at very affordable prices. Our Real Canadian Passport is registered in the government database and has a microchip that is readable. While the Fake Canadian Passport we offer does not have the same qualities but still looks and resembles real passports. Contact us now if you are interested to Buy an Canadian Passport Online in 2023.

Buy Canada Passport

Buy Canada Passport with high-security features in 2023 from Authentic Biometric Docs. We are one of the most recognized passport-providing agencies, With over 100,000 registered and used passports worldwide with more than 3 decades of experience. We pride ourselves on being the best in the business has a lot of success in the passport, driver’s license. ID’s and resident permit card providers. Our Canadian passport has all its biometric features making it suitable for business people, immigrants, and other people wishing to cross borders with immigration checks. We guarantee you a french passport that is machine-readable and has the quality as the one from the french immigration office.

Buy Fake/Novelty Canadian Passport Online 

If you are looking to get a Fake Canadian Passport that is not registered in the system but can be used to sign a business contract or by passport certain restrictions without risking your real identity, contact us now. Authentic Biometric Documents providers have the ability and experience to provide you with a replica of the original Canadian Passport Online. Our Fake Passport looks the same as the real one just that it is not registered in the system as the real one.

Canadian Passport Details

Purchase a real 2023 Canadian passport with an RFID chip inside. There is a 10-year validity period for passports. Passports are typically 36 pages long (29 pages are reserved for visa labels and stamps). An official database can be accessed by registering this document.

Canadian passports (French: passport canadien) are passports issued to citizens of Canada. It allows the bearer to leave and enter Canada freely; travel between Canada and other countries according to visa requirements; and seek assistance from Canadian consular authorities abroad in the event that assistance is required.

From 1 July 2013, Canadian citizens became eligible for biometric passports, also known as e-passports or electronic passports. A digital photo will be retained with the e-passport along with information about the holder, such as her name, gender, birthday, and place of birth.

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