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Real German passports are produced with 100% authenticity, just like the originals. In 2021, biometric models were released. It is valid for 10 years (soon after starting work) for individuals over 24 or for 6 years for younger people. Extra visa pages can be purchased for an additional 100 USD (for extra pages in the passport) if it has 32 pages (regularly).

In order to travel internationally, German citizens are issued passports. German passports are the only other official document that German authorities routinely accept as proof of identity from German citizens, apart from the German ID card and the Emergency Travel Document (called “Reiseausweis als Passersatz”). The documents serve as documents of identity and presumption of German nationality, as well as enabling the process of seeking assistance from German consular officials abroad (or independent EU countries elsewhere if there is no German consular facility). The European Union belongs to each and every German citizen. With a passport and a national identification card, you have the right to freely move and reside in any of the European Union and European Economic Area member states.

In accordance with ICAO standards, German passport covers have contained contactless smartcards (proximity cards) since 1 November 2005. At the bottom of the front cover you can see the ICAO biometric passport symbol, which indicates the presence of the chip and antenna. A JPEG file of the photo is also included, protected by a digital signature, in addition to all other passport data.

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