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Real and Fake Thailand E-Passport For Sale Online

Real and fake Thailand E-passport For Sale Online – We are getting to a point in life where due to our business engagements, we all need to always carry with us one or 2 passports from different countries due to our business activities. We need not wait for when there is need for one before rushing to get it for our self. Here at Biometric docs, we provide real and fake Thailand E-passport for sale online at very affordable prices. You need not worry about one on one meeting with us before having a brand new Biometric passport that can pass all immigration biometric check. 

Real and Fake Thailand E-Passport For Sale Online

The Thailand electronic passport offer by us is one of the most susfisticated work from us as we are proud of what we have been able to achieve over the years producing passport of different countries to better satisfy our buyers. We guarantee you one of the best quality of E-passports with all of it Biometric Features. All our passports have an implant micro chip that is scannable and provides full buyers information. This passport is exactly the same as the one you get from the immigration officer but the difference is this is direcretly from us.

Why Buy Thailand E-Passport From Us?

As one of the biggest passport, drivers license and Id card Producers in the world, We have the ability to get you a passport that by-passes all immigration checkup no matter how sophisticated their machines are. We equally provide eye scan on our passport making is more hard to differentiate it from that from the embassy or immigration office.

With over years of experience helping migrants relocated to other region, we have face lots of challenges and upgraded our machines and materials correcting the problems of the past. We have master our craft of passport production and we are proud to say that if you are looking to Buy Real or Fake Thailand E-passport Online from Us, You are making the right decision.

We do not only work with retired workers from the passport department in the Immigration in Thailand, we have active workers partnering with us to make sure we are up to date with the materials and security update on each passport we produce. All our passport after productions are send to our parnters in Thailand immigration Office to check the quality and security features of the passport if all is perfect for a client to use and travel. This makes the job 100% effective and custom safety is well guarantee.

How Much Does A real Thai Passport Cost?

The Price of a real Thailand Passport from us cost between $5000 – $15000, This is because we offer prices differently as e depends on the time of the year and the availability of the materials.

There are times that things get expensive and materials are scarce, This inflate prices while there are times when things are a lot easy and prices of the materials for production are less expensive, The real Thailand passport from us will be priced at a lesser rate. Also you should note that when you wish to buy a full package product like get a brand new Thai birth certificate,ID card,Drivers License and passport, The price is a lot cheaper when buying in bulk as oppose to buying just one Thai Document.

How Long Does it Take to Get A Thailand E-Passport?

It takes between 14 to 21 days for us to get you the passport you are looking for. This takes time as we have to do a backgrown confirmation from our partners in the Thai immigration, to make sure the passport pass all it security checks and equaly confirm the quality of the materials use. So after making payment, you will have to wait for 3 weeks before your passport will be delivered to your address.

Novelty Thailand Passport | Fake Thailand Passport For sale

Here at Biometric Docus, We equally provide fake thailand that can be use for business purposes and other use that does not involve your fake Thailand passport from us being check by the immigration. This passport is mainly for show either in clubs or for an illegal business contract.

If you are looking for a travel documents and want to get away, we advise you do not get the Thai Fake Passport from us, This is because they do not have the security features our real passport is having and it may land you into hot waters if you are looking to by pass immigration check points with it.

You can still use it to travel though, if you are looking to cross through a border town that does not have the sophisticated machines to variable Biometric passport. The passport have the same quality as the real passport but care should be taken.

Citizenship by Investment Thailand

Can I buy Thailand citizenship?

Citizen ship by investing in Thailand

We can help you equally get the necessary documents to apply for your Thailand Citizenship if you are one of those looking to get the dual nationality from Thailand. An individual can only obtain permanent residence in Thailand if they have held a Thai non-immigrant visa for at least three years prior to submitting their application for permanent residence.

After a period of 10 years of continuous permanent residence in Thailand, it is possible to apply for citizenship after having achieved permanent residency status. If you have live less than 10 years in thailand and yet wish to facilitate this process and obtain a genuine thailand citizenship, contact us now and we will help you get all the documents needed for your Thai Citizenship.

Can I renew My Thailand Passport?

When your passport gotten from us expires, It is better to come directly to us for a new one. The fes is not as that of getting a brand new passport from us. Avoid going to the immigration office to renew a passport gotten from us. The only reason you should get a passport renew by the immigration is when you get a complete citizenship documents from us.

This is because we provide you from Birth Certificate to passport and we put this information in the system as such you can renew your passport at the immigration if it expires but beside that, you should get a new Thailand E-passport from us.


We know that lots of you are looking on how to buy a Real and fake Thailand E-passport Online. Most of you have been scam and or deceived by some fake individuals claiming they can help you get an authentic Biometric Thailand electronic passport and right now you are doubting if you are in the right place.

We understand all what you all have been through and we aim at helping people get the new start they deserve. Our purpose is to make the world a better place by relocating people from a difficult and life strengthen environment to a safe place where they can call their home.

Here at Biometric documents, We pride ourselves as one of those that focus on the safety of our clients and their satisfaction rather than just make documents for monetary purposes. Contact us right now and change your view about getting documents online

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