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What courses are offered at Princeton University?

What courses are offered at Princeton University?

What courses are offered at Princeton University?

hat courses are offered at Princeton University?

AB (Bachelor of Arts)
Architectural design. A rigorous and interdisciplinary approach to pre-professional education is the hallmark of the School of Architecture’s undergraduate program. …
Art and Archaeology. … Princeton University, Princeton University Diploma, Realistic Diploma, Where to Duplicate Diploma, How to Obtain Diploma online
Astrophysical Sciences. …
Chemistry. …
Classics. …
Comparative Literature.
Computer Science. …
East Asian Studies.
Degrees & Departments
Our curriculum encourages students to explore many disciplines and to develop a deep understanding of one area of concentration.

A student applies to Princeton University, not an individual department, program, or school. As soon as students enroll, they can choose between a Bachelor of Arts (AB) or a Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE). AB and BSE degrees in computer science are available along with 55 interdepartmental certificate programs within these degree programs. Besides the AB, Princeton School of Public and International Affairs and Princeton School of Architecture also offer concentrations.

Bachelor of Arts (AB)

The study of African-Americans
African-descended people’s historical achievements and struggles in this country are shaped by the interplay of political, economic, and cultural factors.

The study of anthropology
The interpretation of contemporary realities and social worlds that people create and inhabit.

Industry of architecture
In terms of pre-professional education, the School of Architecture’s undergraduate program is known for its rigorous and interdisciplinary approach. It leads to an AB in architecture after four years of study in a liberal arts curriculum.

A study of the arts and archaeology
Study of the visual arts includes all periods of European art and architecture, African art, Egyptian art, Chinese and Japanese art, pre-Columbian art, Greek and Roman art and archaeology, American art, criticism, and theory of photography.

The study of astronomy
The field of astronomy appeals to people who want to contribute to the discovery of the secrets of the universe. There is a wide range of topics covered in courses and independent research, from planetary science to stars, galaxies, black holes, dark matter, cosmology, and the early universe.

Science of chemistry
Among the subdivisions of this discipline are catalysis/synthesis, inorganic chemistry, materials, spectroscopy/physical chemistry, and theoretical chemistry. It is concerned with making, measuring, modeling, and understanding chemical compounds that make up our world.

A classical piece of music
Among the topics we cover are Greek and Roman history, culture, literature, and philosophy, as well as their relevance to today. If you are interested in a Classics major, you do not need any previous knowledge of Greek or Latin.

Literature comparison
Integrating literature and culture across time periods, media, and languages in a way that strengthens cultural connections and bridges academic fields.

A study of computers
A focus of the Department of Computer Science curriculum is on the fundamental concepts of the discipline and the use of advanced computer systems. Software systems, algorithms and complexity, machine architecture, computer graphics, programming languages, machine learning, and other core areas of computer science can be studied. For students who are interested in studying computer science, either the BSE or AB programs are available.

The study of East Asian cultures
Learn about China, Japan, and Korea from a cosmopolitan perspective.

Ecology & Evolution in Biology
In classrooms and laboratories all over the world, students unravel animal, plant and microbe interactions, how they evolve, and how we can manage our biological heritage to ensure a sustainable future through the study of animals, plants, and microbes.


As a result of the economic situation
In order to conduct an investigation into social problems such as employment, growth, inflation, globalization, health, and poverty, a rigorous theoretical and statistical analysis is used in order to conduct a rigorous theoretical and statistical analysis.

Review of the English-language edition of the book
It is through the lens of language that this program provokes thoughtful reflection on some of the most deeply philosophical questions of our lives: power, beauty, identity, and love. The course emphasizes diversity and history and introduces students to the great writers such as Toni Morrison, Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Emily Dickinson, as well as a range of topics including American Cinema, Children’s Literature, Latino/a Studies, food writing, the Harlem Renaissance, and Asian American literature, all with an emphasis on diversity and history.

Currently, there are two versions of the website: one in French and one in Italian
There will be an opportunity to become familiar with the rich literature and culture of the French- and Italian-speaking worlds as part of this course.

The geosciences are a field of study
There is a combination of chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, and computer science that has been applied in order to understand the deep interior of the earth, as well as its surface environment, oceans, and climate.

The language I speak is German.
There is a strong focus on literature and literary theory, with a much stronger focus on media studies as well as visual arts, contributing to a traditionally strong program.

The history of
Scholars with interests ranging from social to intellectual, political to military, economic to legal, and covering every corner of the globe with research ranging chronologically from late antiquity to the present day are part of this community of scholars.

Mathematical concepts
The course is
a versatile exploration of a wide variety of fundamental areas of both pure and applied mathematics taught by some of the world’s best mathematicians during the course of each week. During class hours, we also have tea every afternoon at 3:30 pm.

The study of molecular biology
There is a wide range of topics that are being addressed by this course. From molecules to genomes, it explores the central questions of 21st century biology.

I love music
A major with an emphasis on writing music or writing about music is offered at the heart of a vibrant campus musical culture.

The study of Near Eastern cultures
You will gain an in-depth knowledge of the Near Eastern civilizations, history, and literature of the ancient, medieval, and modern Near East and beyond through immersion in a Near Eastern language.

Molecular Neurobiology
As part of a serious study of molecular, cellular, developmental, and systems neuroscience as they relate to the study of cognition and behavior, this course is designed to engage you seriously.

The philosophy of
There will be a complete survey of the logic and philosophy of science, philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, metaphysics and epistemology, value theory, and the history of philosophy, including both early modern and ancient philosophy.

In physics
It is a comprehensive understanding of the physical world and includes atoms, solids, radiation, galaxies, and life as we know it. When you major in physics at Princeton, you will not only have the opportunity to learn about the structure of physical law, but you will also have the chance to be part of the discovery of it.

The political system
Analyzing political institutions, beliefs, and policies from a domestic and international perspective in order to gain a greater understanding of how they function. As part of the concentration, students gain a deep understanding of citizenship and government through classes that use a variety of research methods to examine topics such as elections, development, war, and the nature of justice through a variety of research methods.

University of Princeton’s School of Public and International Affairs
Designed for students who wish to be engaged in public service and become leaders in the world of public and international affairs through the study of a multidisciplinary liberal arts curriculum. It is important for students to participate in policy research seminars and task forces on current and important issues in public policy, to take core courses in the social sciences and science policy, to take electives in their policy areas of greatest interest from across the university, as well as to engage in cross-cultural experiences that are relevant to their policy areas.

I study psychology.
A deep understanding of human behavior and mental processes, encompassing sensation, perception, movement, language, reasoning, decision making, and social interactions, with a strong emphasis on sensation and perception.

What religion is
In this paper, we will examine how religious life has shaped and developed in different cultures and historical periods, as well as how it has posed questions for contemporary debates in philosophy, ethics, and politics, through the analysis of the various forms it has taken.

Languages and Literatures of the Slavic Peoples
An exploration of the cultures, societies, and languages of Russia and Eastern Europe (including Polish, Czech, Boznia-Serbian-Croatian, and others). There is no doubt that the Russian language serves as a gateway to the study of literature, politics, cultural anthropology, film and visual arts, and Russia’s still problematic relationship with the West.

Social Science
Undergraduate students with an interest in politics, economics, history, psychology, and big data can take advantage of this cutting edge undergraduate concentration.

I speak Spanish as well as Portuguese
An adequate grounding in Spanish or Portuguese, with a variety of related and varied courses in other literatures and other humanities subjects such as art history, anthropology, sociology, comparative literature, and comparative linguistics.

B.S. in Engineering (BSE) is a bachelor’s degree in engineering

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