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Which license is required when chartering a boat in Germany

Which license is required when chartering a boat in Germany – The following is an overview of the boat licenses that are required in German waters. On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development, the German Sailing Association (DSV) and the German Motor Yacht Association (DMYV) manage licensing laws. These institutions can assist you with any questions you may have.

It is usually required to have a boating license if the boat has an engine capacity of 5 hp or more. Furthermore, insurance companies require license holders to have them. Only boating licenses will be accepted by insurance companies as proof of responsibility for damage claims.

Which boating licenses do you need for certain areas and what they require?

Which license is required when chartering a boat in Germany?

1. sport boat license inland sailing / motor

This license requires that you be at least 14 years old. Sports boats with sails greater than 3.20 meters are required to have this license in the waters of Berlin, as well as other areas.

2. sport boat license single engine

It is required that you are 16 years of age to obtain this license. Inland waterways are permissible when you have a pleasure craft license. The requirement applies to vehicles that have engines with a capacity of more than 5 horsepower.

3. sport boat license sea

The minimum age requirement for this license is 16 years old. This permits you to ride on the navigable waterways within the scope of a maritime shipping-order (3 mile range), the Ems estuary / Leda shipping-order, and the keeping of pleasure boats with an engine power of more than 5 horsepower. In terms of length and power, there are no restrictions. Nonetheless, sport boats are not allowed for commercial use, only for sport or recreation.

4. sport coasts license

In order to qualify for this license, you must be 16 years of age and possess a sport boat license. In addition, you must show that you have sailed at least 300 nautical miles. The license allows you to sail up to 12 nautical miles from the mainland in coastal waters.

5. sport sea license

This license requires that you be at least 16 years old. Additionally, you need to prove that you have sailed at least 1000 nautical miles as a watch captain, as well as having the sport boat license. A sport coasts license can also be obtained by proving that you have sailed 700 nautical miles or more as a watch captain on yachts. The official sport sea license allows you to charter sailing and motor yachts in all coastal waters up to 30 nautical miles distance, including the North and Baltic Seas, the Irish and Scottish lakes, and the Mediterranean and Black Seas.

6. sport high sea license

You must be at least 18 years old to apply for this license. In addition, you have to prove that you have sailed more than 1000 nautical miles after obtaining your sport see license. You will be able to drive sailing and motor yachts all over the world with this official license.

As always there are some exceptions related to the boating licenses

sport skipper testimony

On all inland waterways, sailboats with a length of 15 meters or more require this testimony. Rhine patents are the only exception, which require a special permit.

lake Constance skipper patent

A valid license is required to sail the Rhine and Lake Constance between Stein am Rhine and Schaffhausen (there is a special test required here). All skippers over 18 years old who drive boats with 6 horsepower engines, as well as all skippers over 16 years old who sail boats with more than 12 square meters of sail area must comply with the rules.

Boat license requirements for houseboats rental.

House Boat Rental

Houseboat Licenses

It is easy to embark on a houseboat rental on the inland waters of France, Germany, Poland, and the Netherlands because these inland waters are full of beautiful sights. It is not necessary for visitors to have previous experience when driving a boat under 15 meters, and an introduction to the vehicle is usually provided before setting off. You can discover some of Europe’s hidden treasures on houseboat holidays with the whole family.

France Houseboat Rental

A houseboat or riverboat may be rented by anyone over the age of 18 without the need for a special license, but those who have never driven such a boat may need to undergo a short training session.

Germany Houseboat Rental

Licence-free houseboat charter in Germany – No license is required for houseboat rentals. 

The requirement for a license to travel on German inland waters does not apply to boats under 15 meters and with engine power less than 5 PS. There is a requirement for a ‘Sportbootführerschein Binnen’ for larger boats, but German operators usually accept the boating license that is valid in your country. 

Netherlands Houseboat Rental

The Netherlands has access to a large number of houseboats for hire, and operators offer briefings on how to operate the boat for small houseboat trips. A driver must have an inland waterway license from their home country if the vessel is over 15 meters long and can reach speeds over 20 km per hour.

Poland Housboat Rental

There is no requirement for a boating license in the present. Some charter companies in other parts of Poland may require proof of your ability to manage a houseboat, including an inland-waterway license obtained in your country of residence.

International Boat Licenses for Yacht Charter

International Boat Licenses - ICC, Radio License, CEVNI

International Boat Licenses - ICC, Radio License, CEVNI

Boat Licensing

Many boating companies around the world assess your experience and competence by looking at your boating resume and conducting a practical examination when no official documents are required.

For bareboat charters in inland and coastal waters in most European and Mediterranean countries, you’ll need an ICC (International Certificate of Competence).


For chartering boats in EU and Mediterranean waters, the International Certificate for Operators of Pleasure Craft, or ICC (International Certificate of Competence), is accepted as proof of competence. By holding this certificate, the holder demonstrates that he or she has undergone formal boating training and has the necessary skills to operate a vessel in international waters.

ICC training includes first aid and qualifications for operating VHF radios.

The ICC is formally accepted by the following countries that have adopted UNECE Resolutions 14 and 40:

Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

Neither Resolution 14 nor Resolution 40 has been accepted by the following members of UNECE:

Greece, Moldova, Portugal, Spain, Russian Federation, Serbia, Sweden, Ukraine and United States.

In spite of the fact that some countries do not formally accept the ICC, it is very often sufficient documentation to lease or charter a boat, since it meets EU standards and is considered to be equivalent to national licenses in many countries. International Yacht Training Worldwide or the Royal Yachting Association have schools worldwide where you can obtain the ICC.

VHF Radio License

To operate the onboard radio, you must have a VHF radio license. You will have been trained in the use of the radio if you are chartering a boat and responsible for its operation. If you would like more information about VHR Licenses or Permits, you can visit the website of the Federal Communications Commission

Inland Waterways

A CEVNI is required to prove your understanding of the rules and regulations of European inland waterways to navigate them.

Outside the EU


It may be necessary to hire a Captain whose license has been issued by the US Coast Guard when sailing in certain areas of the USA.

The Caribbean

For bareboat chartering in the Caribbean, charter companies usually require an ICC or an IYT Worldwide qualification.

The Seychelles

ICC or IYT Worldwide qualifications are normally required by charter companies in the Seychelles prior to bareboat charter.

South East Asia

A yacht charter company in South East Asia typically requires an ICC or a qualification from IYT Worldwide for bareboat charters. It may be necessary to translate these documents depending on the charter agency.

Which license is required when chartering a boat in Germany?

Generally, boats with an engine capacity greater than 5 horsepower require some kind of boating license.  The following information will provide you with more details about the German boating license.

Some European countries do not require a license for houseboat rentals. The following link provides more information on houseboat licenses.

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